About us

BADER GmbH produces and sells electronic components and assemblies for industrial automation and automotive applications. We have been your expert for the development of vehicle electronic systems for over 40 years. We have been using microprocessor-controlled CAN bus systems since 1990 and have been the market leader for climate control in buses, trains and special purpose vehicles ever since.

BADER GmbH has a very broad product range. We have the right solution for you for every application. We supply manufacturers of commercial vehicles and their suppliers. Our services:

  • Development, production and sales of electronic systems for automotive engineering and industrial automation.
  • Development of customer-specific systems.
  • The complete production process (planning, assembly, soldering, testing, mounting) of all BADER products takes place at Freiberg am Neckar.

business development:

Company foundation in Steinheim an der Murr by Gottfried Bader with focus on switchgear and control systems for mechanical engineering.

1976 Separation of the switchgear construction and electronics department. Along with this separation, the foundation of today's Bader GmbH took place with focus on temperature control and relay controls for automotive and industrial applications.

1990 Move to Winzerhausen. Specialisation in air conditioning for commercial vehicles.

1990 Controller in microprocessor technology successfully in use.

2000 Move to Freiberg am Neckar.      

2004 In-house SMD assembly.

2014 Transfer of the company from Gottfried Bader to his son Florian Bader

2018 Besides Gottfried Bader, Florian Bader is now also managing director.  


All electronic components of our products are manufactured at our Freiberg am Neckar facility. In order to react quick and flexible to quantity changes from customers, vapor phase processes, wave soldering machines and placement machine are used.


Once the assembly process is completed, our soldering machines are used. The soldering process of high quality SMD components is carried out in an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly manner using the vapour phase reflow soldering method or vapour phase soldering. When soldering with the vapour phase soldering system, a low temperature between 200°C - 240°C is used to protect sensitive components and solder different assemblies without overheating.


Furthermore, a wave soldering machine is used, which is mainly in operation for the soldering of through-hole components (THT), but is also used for the assembly of surface mount components (SMT) on the underside of printed circuit boards. Thus, small, medium or high production volumes of THT and SMT as well as complex mixed assembly are possible.



Certified according to ISO 9001 since 2000.

Open positions

Wir suchen immer nach Produktionsmitarbeitern im Bereich Bestücken und Löten von Platinen. Außerdem suchen wir auch immer nach Elektronikingenieuren im Bereich Hardwareentwicklung oder Softwareentwickler im Bereich Embedded Software.
Wenn Sie Interesse haben, freuen wir uns über eine Initiativbewerbung.