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Bader GmbH

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Automobile- Relays 12V, 24V

The BADER relays are devided in the following functions:
1. time relays with different time responses,  like
    impuls extension, switch- off delay, switch- on delay
2. voltage control relays, for monitoring the on board voltage for switched loads
3. Starter safeguard lock relays, for locking the start operation of running machines


Relais-impulsverlängernd, Relais-abfallverzögernd, Relais-anzugsverzögernd, Relais-Unterspannungswächter, Relais-Anlasser-Sperre  

 Relay data sheets

timer relays
(pdf- Datei)
relays voltage control (pdf- Datei)
relays starter safeguard (pdf- Datei)