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Electronic systems for automotive engineering and industry automation

Our products

CAN- Bus- Systems

The CAN-Bus is a typ of network, which
is used mainly in the automotive engineering
It combines different control units, called
nodes, to exchange informations.
The nodes are installed close to the
sensors and actors.
The BADER air condicioning systems are
built according to this principle.

control panels

Depending on type and construction the
units are used to serve the climate controller  (see control devices )
or for autonomous climate control in vehicles
 e.g. driver cabines or minibusses.

control devices

The devices can be used in different modes.
- "stand alone", all values are preseted, no
   handling required
- in combination with a control panel,
  the communications works by RS232
- or with external switches and potentiometrs,
   e.g. a control console.


The BADER thermostats are used for
carrying out simple control functions,
e.g. the climatisation of refrigerated trucks or containers.
There are different control functions:
two-level controller, three-level controller, four-level controller.

Automobil relays

The BADER relays are devided in the following
1. time relays with different time responses,  like
    impuls extension, switch- off delay, 
    switch- on delay
2. voltage control relays, for monitoring
    the on board voltage  for switched loads
3. Starter safeguard lock relays, for locking
    the start operation of running machines

Voltage converters

The voltage converters are used for converting
the 24 V on board voltage to 230 VAC voltage
They vary in different power types
The outputs are protected against overload and shortcut.


The BADER temperature sensors have different
constructions depending of the application
- indoor temperature, roof channel
  convector temperature, blow out temperature.
- outdoor temperature, motor temperature,
  evaporator temperatur.

BADER is certificated according to ISO 9001 since 1996.

Our clients include renowned manufactures of commercial vehicles and suppliers.